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Prayer Times and Qibla Pro | Android App | Islamic App

Play Store Link : Source Code available for Android. Contact on skype ...

Athan mp3 Android Application

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Best app ever made for azan! (hindi/urdu)

islamic apps every muslim should have| best islamic apps free

list of the apps 1. Bayan quran 2. حصن المسلم 3. Athan 4.Dawah manual music by: Nasheed Omar Al Sindi.

Top 3 RAMADAN Apps For iOS and Android

Islamic apps for your iPhone or Android device. Great for making the most of the month of Ramadan 1. Islamic GPS: 2. Athan Pro ...

Muslim Pro - Islamic Mobile Application

Get it now on iPhone ( and Android ( Recognized by millions of Islam followers through the Muslim ...

Islam World (Android/Ios App)

via #Watch #YouTube in #Pakistan Islam world is famous around the globe and it recognized by millions of Islam followers through ...

Islam Daily - Prayer Times, Azan, Quran, Qibla compass & Hijri calendar iPhone & Android

Get it now on iPhone ( and Android ( Most accurate Prayer time & Azan application on mobile devices. Islam Daily ...

Prayer Times, Azan (Athan) and Qibla for Mobile Phones

(from Another application I personally enjoy using every day is Prayer Times for Mobiles developed by guided ways. Here's a small ...

Sholat Times Qibla Azan Parayer Muslim Adhan Accurate Alarm Reminder App

Islamic / Muslim Prayer times Sholat and Qibla: Accurate Free Android App

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